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Insulated bearings 6217-J20AA-C3


NINE STAR  6217-J20AA-C3  Insulated bearings

Bearing code number 6217-J20AA-C3
Bearing type Deep groove ball  bearing
Insulated type Inner ring or outer ring
Demensions 85*150*28mm
d 85mm
D 150mm
B 28mm
Service Neutral/OEM/As your request
Package Carton boxes /Wooden Cases /Pallets
Commonly used Deep groove ball bearing (Insulated bearing)
6312/C3VL0241          6313/C3VL0241              6314/C3VL0241         6315/C3VL0241

6316/C3VL0241          6317/C3VL0241             6318/C3VL0241           6319/C3VL0241

6320/C3VL0241         6322/C3VL0241              6326/C3VL0241           6328/C3VL0241

Commonly used Tapered roller bearing (Insulated bearing)
30316/C3VL0241            30317/C3VL0241                30318/C3VL0241             30319/C3VL0241

30320/C3VL0241            30322/C3VL0241                30324 /C3VL0241            30326/C3VL0241

30328/C3VL0241            30330/C3VL0241                32024/C3VL0241             32928/C3VL0241

Commonly used Cylindrical roller bearing (Insulated bearing)
NU212ECM/C3VL0241                  NU213ECM/C3VL0241                 NU214ECM/C3VL0241

NU215ECM/C3VL0241                  NU216ECM/C3VL0241                  NU217ECM/C3VL0241

NU218ECM/C3VL0241                  NU219ECM/C3VL0241                  NU220ECM/C3VL0241

NU222ECM/C3VL0241                  NU226ECM/C3VL0241                  NU228ECM/C3VL0241

Commonly used Spherical roller bearing (Insulated bearing)
22216 CA/W33VL0241                          22218 CA/W33VL0241                          24152 CC/W33VL0241

23144 CC/W33VL0241                          22224 CAK/W33VL0241                        23130 CC/W33VL0241

23130 CCK/W33VL0241                       23044 CCK/W33VL0241                        22224CC/W33VL0241

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